How to Increase Productivity at Work

Every company is sure to expect to have driven employees. However, creativity is a great asset for every company. Creativity itself has an important role to the progress of the business. The competition in biz is high today, inevitably the company must have new innovation that innovation will be born from the creative employees. Unfortunately, the creative ideas of employees are often buried and can’t be expressed maximally. As a result, the company cannot utilize investment from within the employees to the maximum as well.

Different Methods to Increase Creativity at Work

In fact, the potential of each employee can be improved so that creative ideas that can be explorer maximally. Supported with sufficient knowledge and appropriate action then the creative ideas they have can be improved. It is also evidence that creativity is something that can be learned. Here’s how to improve your creativity


Brainstorming is a way for companies to gather ideas or opinions from employees. This step will provoke the creativity of employees to devote their creative ideas.It is usually perform in order to develop new products or create new innovations. In addition, this way is also considered effective in order to assist companies in solving problems of business competition and so forth.

2. Utilizing a variety of ideas from employees is also a way of improving creativity that can be done by the company.

When the company is in a meeting, it certainly will raise a tone of creative ideas that arise from the members of the meeting. Through a variety of ideas that comes in the meeting, the company can take advantage of various ideas that certainly the idea can have an impact on the progress of the company. These ideas are also aimed at gaining new perspectives.

3. Training is one of the supporters of the brainstorming stage. The training can include elements of the game and also motivation.

This way is very important to help boost the confidence of each employee. In addition, this way is also very effective to train employees when working in teams.In addition, through training and various activities in it is expected to eliminate the fear when they will deliver their creative ideas. The fear and doubt that they often have can be the biggest obstacle to advancing a company.

4. Providing support to employees is also one way to increase creativity.

Support provided can start from a good relationship between employers and employers.When a good relationship is established it will give the spirit and confidence to employees. That way they will be more open in expressing the idea.

5. Providing facilities required by employees is also appropriate given.

Some of these facilities may include media in the form of technology, various references such as books and inspiration, or perhaps various other media.By knowing how to improve creativity, the company should be able to immediately improve the quality of employees through increased creativity that they have. This is very important to do in an effort to continuously improve the quality of the company.Competitive figures in the business world continues to increase it can only be balanced with creative ideas and make it into a superior product of the company itself.If the potential employed by employees cannot be developed optimally, then the company actually cannot be said to be successful in developing the potential that exists.

6. Be Proactive

Creative means freeing our minds of choosing whatever creative ideas and actions come to mind. This proactive attitude can encourage our thinking creativity. Perhaps sometimes there is a shame, doubt, and worry to express ideas that come to mind. We are embarrassed or hesitant to express the ideas that come to mind that sound unusual. Whatever it is, it’s best to express the creative idea in our minds. According to Stephen Covey, a leadership expert in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, the proactive person is more than just taking the initiative to solve a problem, but as a man who is responsible for his own life.Having a proactive attitude means not just waiting for an idea to increase creativity in coming work, but taking the initiative to create new opportunities. Dare to give birth to creative ideas that are different from those already existed. Initiative and proactive foster the spirit to dare to try something new.

7. Open for Feedback

The second way to increase creativity in work is by listening to ideas, feedback, opinions, suggestions or even criticisms of others. Do not underestimate the various inputs because creative thinking requires a lot of information and input to make decisions. We can take many benefits from various ideas and criticisms of others. Sometimes, these inputs and criteria can stimulate us to think creatively. Accept every idea and input from anyone to improve our thinking insight. Then, strain and choose the idea with a conscience so you really find a new way. Increasing the input can be done by broadening the insights through reading books, articles, reports, watching exhibitions, seeing performances, training, seminars, traveling to places that have not been visited also suspected to give birth to energy creativity, and others. Many inputs and insights will provide a fresh and never-ending inspiration.Opening the hearts and minds’ to the new inputs can be an inspiration to our creativity thinking developers. So, the start is open to feedback to improve creativity in our work.

8. Change your way of thinking from negative to positive

The more positive your way of thinking will make you more confident and optimistic in while facing the problems. Next you will be more creative in finding solutions to all your problems. Get used to saying “Yes this is an opportunity to get better” in the face of an obstacle.Write in detail about the difficulty situation you are facing. Write down everything related to your challenge, What is the cause of your stress? What are you worried about? Why are you unhappy? This does not mean negative thinking, but by writing it you will then think to find a way out of the problem.

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