6 Things to Do on How to Engage with Employee

Being a leader or a manager of a company or a business is not a handy work. It requires tactics, strategies and interpersonal skills as well. According to many reports, approximately 50% of employees are feeling uneasy at work. In fact, some of them may feel not-connected or disengaged with the job, the workplace or the working environment. Although it is just a feeling, sometimes, it doesn’t go away. In time, it only becomes worse. To avoid conflict in the individual’s mind, leaders must step in and find out about how to engage with employee(s).

Improving Leadership to Engage with Employees

Leaders are responsible for the growth of their team. It is their role to figure out new ways to make employees feel valued and engaged in the job and the workplace. We have divided the strategies into 6 categories.  After this, you will be able to engage with employees more effectively.

1. See the good things first

Humans tend to see bad in others easily than to value goodness. It is very easy for us to judge people for what they are doing wrong than to congratulate them on achievement; no matter how small it is. As a leader, you need to give attention to employees’ positive and beneficial capabilities. Focus on those aspects and create a plan that will bridge their capabilities and the outcome the company wants.

2. Encourage vs Discourage

Only a few leaders know how to do it properly. Sometimes, employees are expected to meet certain expectations. Some leaders force them to fulfill these expectations perfectly without allowing them to be their authentic selves. This, in a way, is causing the employees to feel forced and later, discouraged. To encourage them, leaders must embrace employees’ natural skills and characteristics.

3. Empowerment

When it comes to empowering others, the role of leadership is required. This is the time where leaders must observe employees’ capabilities in endless possibilities. Leaders must help them grow and figure out their full potentials without interfering them. It is about giving employees chance to explore more about themselves and their potentials to improve their workforce.

4. Let them be the influencer

It is important to empower employees, but it is equally essential to put them in a position of influence. As a leader, you need to watch closely how your employees react to their surroundings, making the workplace a sustainable environment.

5. Sharing is caring

Sharing stories is a never mistake, as long as it is uplifting and empowering. Sometimes, leaders should take some time to share their inspiring stories in order to build employees’ confidence and characters. It is a way to open yourself to your employees. At last, it will make them feel valued and important which lead to feeling engaged.

6. Be consistent

All of this will go in vain if leaders are not consistent. Supports are given consistently. Inconsistency will ruin the entire steps. Being as vulnerable as they are, employees should be engaged with consistency from their leaders, especially from the very start until the very end.

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