The 8 Ways on How to Keep Employee Motivated as A Leader


Perfection is hard to seek. We cannot find the perfect job in the ideal location. There must be another side in our life. Like yin and yang, it needs to be balanced. When you cannot find the perfect job in perfect place, you will make it perfect. Working place is not like a kindergarten. There are many problems that must be through. So, sometimes employees take stress too much which will trigger the unhealthy environment. In that situation, there are some ways on how to keep the employee motivated. In this ways, the employees can reduce some stress, and the workplace will be better.’

Actually, there are so many ways to motivate employees in a workplace. Some will have different ways to motivate their employees. However, the things should be done make the employees as well as possible. Treat them to be part of your family in the workplace. So, here are some ways to motivate your employees:

  1. Give A Chance to “Run With It”

The first key on how to keep the employee motivated is supporting the fresh ideas from your employee. When the employees have some new fresh idea, you can let them to “run with it” as your appreciation towards them. Moreover, giving a chance will make them more believe that they are reliable and needed enough in the workplace. By giving this opportunity, you can also let them see on themselves how their ideas were done.

  1. Be Fun in Workplace

Up and down might be the usual thing in our life, especially in the workplace. There are more than thousands possibility that all employees will be bored easily. So, the thing that you have to do is do not let your employees become bored quickly in the workplace. The first way is you can allow the rolling leader in the meeting. In each week, all employees have a chance to lead the weekly meeting. It will reduce some monotony, so it gives more vibes in your workplace. Second, you can also plan the happy hour or anything else in some hours in every certain day. For instance, you can do some small contest in the middle of office on Thursday or Friday. Third, if you want you can let the employees bring their pets. It must be the difficult one for some people. There are also some risks with this situation. However, you can make it as long as you also have some regulations to bring the pet in the workplace. So, it will not disturb any activities in the workplace.

  1. Empower the Individual

As the best key, you have to turn your employees to believe each of them is worth and valued in the workplace. You can lead them to think that work is easier. You have also given them more opportunities and take their aspiration. In that situation, each of your employees will improve their morale in the workplace. You can empower them from the simplest way. You can put the quotation in your place of work. Make sure that reference will give more strength when your employees are not in good condition.

  1. Recognize and Reward Them

When you know them one by one, it means that you are aware of their capability. It is important to give some rewards when they reach their success in the workplace. By giving recognition and reward them in front of others, it will develop their confidence and help them to be more appreciated. Moreover, by giving this thing, it will make some balance in work’s capability. The reward that must be given can be started from the simplest one. For instance, you can give them congratulation’s card, coupon, or pen. Although it was simplest one, your employees will be motivated since you concerns on them.

  1. Create Trust and Respect

It is the important one when you have to build trust and respect each other in the workplace. When you have a mistake, you should apologize. It will happen when your employees have a mistake, and they will apologize for what they were done. A leader must reflect well personality. When you respect your employees, so your staff will respect you back. Admit when you did wrong, so they will also admit if they did wrong. Giving more trust with your employees will not block your activity in the workplace. It will build your honesty to be trusted with staff. When you also appreciate your employees’ honesty, they will less-stress about work.

  1. Communicate with Your Employees Well

Communication is the most important one. When you can do everything above, but you cannot build communication well in teamwork so that it will be a disaster. Communication also will strengthen your bond with the employees. With good communication, there will be less mistake in teamwork. Nowadays, you can communicate everywhere. You can also start a group chat with your employees. It will help you to reach them quickly. It also works for bonding each other. It will bring some fun environment in the workplace. Sometimes it will be worked well. So, you can do some direct conversation or anything else, when the group chat does not work well. You have to trust them.

  1. Inspire Your Team

Your motivation cannot be done well when you cannot bring some inspiration for them. How to keep the employee motivated is you have also to inspire them. Give them a trust and show them that you are the capable leader in team or workplace. Be the inspirational leader, so your employees will be motivated well. It relates to their mind. When they have an inspirational leader, they tried their best to be more than the leader or they must try hard to balance your work.

  1. Share Your Passion as Leader

After you can be an inspirational leader, you have also shared your love. It will be better when you can take and give from your employees. You can share on what you have done and what will you do along the employees and also how you reach them so that they will be more motivated. You can also listen to your employee’s passion.

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