ABC Kogen Dairy

Jakarta, September 2018. DataOn announced that PT. ABC Kogen Dairy is going to implement DataOn’s SunFish Business Suite consisting of SunFish ERP to integrate and automate all core operational processes. Thus, SunFish ERP will make them more transparent and efficient.

PT ABC Kogen Dairy is a subsidiary of ABC President and manufactures a wide range of FMCG products such as Bulgarian Yogurt and milk. PT ABC Kogen Dairy develops the business by opening a new plant in Cicalengka, Jawa Barat.

The SunFish Application for Enterprise Resource Planning (SunFish ERP) will integrate all of the company’s business processes. Moreover, it supports a better, more accurate planning and coordination of all business operations. SunFish ERP allows global access to information on sales, customer relations; inventories and resources used in the projects. In addition, SunFish ERP provides the companies, especially finance departments to simplify the cooperation and information exchange between all integrated divisions.

The SunFish ERP solution delivers the necessary information and reports precisely timed, thereby assisting the management in taking actions to pursue different goals including productivity increase, operational cost reduction and coping with growth.

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