How to Avoid Miscalculation in Payroll and Its Effect

SunFish HR is a business solution that can handle the asset of a company or organization, the solution works to managing and developing the asset. In this technology, there is a feature that is needed in every company and organization called as Payroll. SunFish HR has a powerful Payroll Module which can handle the largest of multi-national companies and it surpasses every challenge in the business market. It is a technology which provides every imaginable payroll related scenario virtually. Simply, the Payroll Module is the bedrock of SunFish HR business solution.


Why You Need SunFish HR


For your information, payroll processing is really needed for any company and organization. It is a time-consuming task that must be repeated constantly, processed error-free, and completed on time. The employee will do everything to make their pay come to their account as the employee promised. An inaccurate and delayed pay can be harmful to their productivity in the workplace. It also addresses every part of the calculation. Many numbers of adjustments can be accommodated for internal judgments such as employee loans. Third-party deductions such as allowance, insurance, multiple currencies, multiple jurisdiction tax calculations, insurance, multiple overtime schemes, and various reimbursements schedules. It also included integrated tools that work well for payroll planning, government, analysis, and reports for review.


The process which works automated makes it possible to implement a complex compensation which increases the matrix that provided by the management. They will use the option of using the component of engineered pay delicately to motivate the employee’s goals and performance in the workplace. The depth of the Payroll Module makes SunFish HR is truly powerful, the standout business solution which should be applied to every business model. This solution also can’t be overlooked.


Not only the Payroll Module that really important to a company or organization but the Loan Module is also crucial as well. Nowadays, many big companies and organizations have a great facility to provide loans for their employees. There are many employees who get this benefits. This will make them more loyal to the company since the loan can affect their job satisfaction and also the loyalty to the company. On the other hand, if there is an employee who has the concern about their bills or rent overdue, it could make them not focus on the work. In short, if the company willing to lending loan to the employees, this may motivate them to work harder and better since the company is good to them.


If your company is one of the good companies that lending loan, it means that you have a loan management system. Your system should be good since it can define the term of interest, payment, and any other criteria. If you don’t have a good loan management system, you will face all the difficulties such as controlling cost, counting the interest, and manually count the payroll for each of your employees. Therefore, you need SunFish HR which offers a full module of lain processing capabilities. When the loans processed as usual and they paid through the Payroll, SunFish HR also incorporates the Payroll system with loan module at the end of each pay period.



How SunFish HR Help Your Organizations

 So, how does this thing work? SunFish HR module is an easy software which allows the employee to make the request for the loan from loans module. The loan that they request will send to HRD (human resources department) automatically and it higher to the authority to get approval. SunFish HR also allows transparency in each step of the loan process. The employee can view their loan status and they can also track them. From their salary every month, they can see the deduction. The loan module from SunFish HR is created to calculate loan installment based on valid loan types as well as current rates. The business solution is also processed actual monthly salary and count outstanding balance. Therefore, SunFish HR Loans module is able to track and manage loans that provided by the company to their employee.


There are basic functions of the HR department, two of them are to know who works when and for how long. These are the simple tasks that need to be done by the HR department. However, sometimes the company made complex by sheer volume. Flexible work hours and days are accompanied by Byzantine overtime rules which make it hardly impossible to plan when a company has many hundreds, or maybe thousands of employee. For your information, every imaginable scheduling provides schedules, unlimited number of shifts, divisions, employees, and location.


It is very important to note that the data collected by SunFish HR is combined by the Payroll and Tax Module. The date will complete the Payroll process as one of the fundamental company responsibilities. Therefore, the Performance Management Module will access this data. The combination of SunFish Payroll Module and SunFish Loan Module create the right schedule and attendance management task through processing the work patterns, attendance, leaves, hours worked, overtime, and sickness.


The account of traditional expense has changed. It becomes an important instrument of the total management. It also controls the loans, reimbursements, and another employee which claim that it is important to motivate an employee, manage costs, and fulfill the government rules. The growing complexity of the claim process also includes medical treatment, entertainment, and travel to administer. Moreover, an employee also has provision complexity and loan facilities. The Loans and Claims modules are work together with advanced analysis tools. They work great with another module such as Payroll.


Since human resources department is the key to have the advantage in this modern business work, they have to hire, develop, and manage their asset in a possible way. The employee is the company’s most valuable asset. SunFish HR really understands that performance management is essential. There are analysis, action, and process to help the employees develop individually. They also need to achieve the goals of the company. Performance aspects such as competency, traditional appraisals, employee competency, task assignment result, continuous feedback, as well as corporate and individual performance target are needed in the company.

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