Best Pro Tips! How to Fit-In In The New Workplace

How exciting it is to enter the new workplace! You expect lots of normal fine people, with logical work environment. Unlike the past work you’ve been to, or if this is your first time working, maybe you expect a more mature environment. By reading this article, you may realize that you are being anxious with all the possibilities it may have. Will everyone be supportive? Will you meet the gossiping Mary that has two faced? Will you be able to be cool if everyone makes fun of you? Will you make any friend? It is a never-ending fun what-ifs for an overthinker like you.

A new company will always have related with new career and new higher salaries. You are so excited, you want to do your job so well and making up with a lot of new friends. All of this would be different especially if you find your new environment is not as exciting it could be. A new workplace means a new challenges, new friends, and new work ethics. You may look ridiculous in the eye of the old employees with your excitement because they may know the ups and downs of the companies, and the tricks behind the sleeve to get by. They may want to make fun of you, of course, shiny new things will always be fun to know. Adapting in a new workplace maybe tiresome, but then you’ll gradually understand how. Here are some tips on how to adapt more easily:

  1. Be cool and lower your enthusiasm.

Being a newbie in the new office will make you vulnerable to overwhelming enthusiast. It is possible that you may talk unnecessarily that you forget who you’re talking to. Being proactive in the first orientation is making you hard to be approachable, especially with the old employees. They may think your excitement admirable, and don’t want to ruin it just yet, especially, when you are working harder than the rest of the employees. They may want to use you, just because you say yes to anyone.

It is important in the first months you work as a new employee to observe than showing any enthusiasm, rather than talking. It is better to finish the work as soon as possible, with good quality, and done in a faster time.  This way you are better to be valued on the work you done rather the traits you may have. The boss will instantly like you for your fine work ethics, and the other employees will respect you for your calm manners.


  1. Build chances to new friends

There are ways to make new friends, either just wait for them, or you come to them. The latter can be done with offering some snacks, helping out their jobs, opening up about yourself, getting lunch together, or even going to the bathroom together. Keeping updates with the latest trends and news will help you to talk generally with everyone. Find lots of topics, so you don’t need to feel the awkward silence with anyone. Ice breaking is the key to find new acquaintances.

When trying to adapt in the new workplace, the way you talk affect much in how you make connections. Try to talk in the same volume with everyone, don’t be too loud, and don’t whisper. It’s a way to say that you are neutral in every condition I can have.


  1. Be well-mannered

Don’t feel inferior when passing by with the bosses or managers, say hi to them with some small chat. Also, be polite with anyone you may know. Don’t ignored anyone that say hi to you, what are you? A Diva? Who knows the one saying hi to you maybe someone important in the next-door divisions.

Try not to complain easily, this new workplace maybe different with your old one. There are ups and downs, and different environment. By comparing and complaining, you are closing yourself to possibilities, and everyone may doubt you more. For a few months, it better to just observe and be silent. One way or another you will find a way to manoeuvre any bad things that goes in your way.


  1. Learn about the company

Knowing the rules, the agreements, and the contracts will make you understand your rights and duty. Read also about the vision and the mission of the company and match up with yours, it may give you more motivation to work. Find comparison about the job you are in, so you know where you stand. By finding out all about the company details, it makes you easier to adapt with the people behind it.


  1. Define you tops quality

Don’t lose yourself when adapting in anyplace. Find out your good and bad, your weakness and your strength. Knowing this, working will follow up on how you are comfortable with. Show your strength, for the boss to know where to put you or give you assignments. By knowing yourself, you may also find a friend with the same frequencies as you. That way it would be perfect to work together rather than surviving alone.


  1. Manage your desk

Find out where you mostly do your works and decorate it with stuff that is so you. Manage your desk that makes you more exciting to work. Give a little personality to it. Set out goals, and dreams on your desk so you don’t lose any priority in the jobs. Put a family picture if it makes you to survive easily in the office.

Always clean your desk, because it will make your work easier. Either easier in finding the documents you need, or easier to make space in your desk, if you need one anyway. A working desk will be like the sneak peek to your personality, it may give people chance to talk about or just cheer people up.

There it goes, adapting to new workplace seem like starting all over again. It is exciting, yet scary, but most of all, be cool. Cool person never goes wrong, and it will look mysterious as well. Good luck!

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