The Best Way to Maintain HR Files and Records

For a big company, organizing employee files is surely not an easy thing. Employee files play an important role due to its function to store all records about the employee such as their performance, personal information, payroll, and others. Whether you won a small or big business, keeping the employee files is actually a must. This is important to ensure compliance with federal laws. Besides, keeping the employee files also makes you easier to find that information and records anytime you need it. However, all those files need to be stored in a well-organized way. Here we provide you several tips to organize the employee files accurately.


How to Organize the Employee Files Efficiently


  1. Pick an Appropriate Method

There are actually several methods in organizing files and records of the employee. Therefore, make sure you choose the best method that matches with your company. If you only own a small company with three or five employees, maybe you can keep the files in a map and store it in a locked cabinet. Meanwhile, for a big company with a lot of employees, we recommend you to store it in a computer. This is actually more efficient and convenient due to there will be a lot of data. Do not forget to back up the files in a disk or paper copies.

  1. Use Standardized Forms

To make sure the accuracy and consistency of the files, it is better to use standardized forms. Typically, the forms include employee activities such as payroll adjustments, disciplinary, and performance evaluation. This surely will help you deal with the employees fairly.


  1. Organize File in Chronological Order

In order to make you easier finding the files, you better organize it chronologically. You can start it divide the files based on each item such as resume, CV, tax, payroll adjustment, emergency contact, government forms, and others.  Otherwise, you can create other sub-folders of each employee in chronological order.


Among all those tips above, the most important one is choosing the right method, especially if you own a large company. Sometimes, keeping all files and records in the computer is not that efficient and secure. In this case, you probably need software to help you organize all the employees’ files. Today, as technology gets more advanced, finding software to help you manage the HR task is an easy thing. SunFish HR is one of the most advanced and reliable software that can be a great solution for Human Resource tasks. Even, SunFish HR is also capable to improve your company through its high-quality technology.


SunFish HR: The Best Solution to Manage the Employee Files


In 2013, DataOn officially released SunFish HR as the great software for HR solutions. SunFish HR is designed with new technology focuses on multi-tenancy environment. SunFish HR allows the company to increase competitive benefits by improving its quality processes. SunFish HR now becomes one of the most affordable and effective software for any business. Even, with SunFish HR, DataOn extends its networks to other countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and so forth.


Benefits of Using SunFish HR to Organize Employee Files


Some of you may wonder how come SunFish HR plays a big role in organizing the employee files. Actually, SunFish HR provides a lot of features that can truly helpful and useful to maintain files and records of the employees. The HR department surely has a big task dealing with collecting loads of information about the employee. Even, the information normally must be suitable to what requires by law and management.


SunFish HR is already equipped with Personnel Administration Module. This module will help you manage the employee files and data. Electronic storage systems actually provide a lot of benefits rather than the traditional system of paper-based. The electronic files only take up a few physical spaces, so you do need to set up a lot of big cabinets to store the files. What’s more, by using electronic storage system, all the files can be backed-up conveniently to avoid data loss.


Another benefit that provided by SunFish is its ability system to manage the data in order to provide hidden valuable information to several users. For instance, an employee can review his/her personal information to verify its accuracy and completeness through Employee Portal. In addition, the manager can use the data to review demographic propensity and the trends in employee transfers in order to improve the recruitment process. Also, the manager also can review the skills and qualifications of employees to improve their potential in organization or training development via SunFish HR.


Besides dealing with the administration of employee, SunFish HR also helps you managing Performance of employee. SunFish HR believes that performance management is an integrated process to analyze, target, and decide that helps employees develop. The aspects of SunFish HR Performance’s feature includes competency, traditional appraisals, a result of task assignment, individual performance, continuous feedback, and corporate performance of the employee.  All the Performance files can be actionable via integrated tools like individual development training, succession planning, training analysis, or career path planning. All the processes will be based on the whole process (360° process) and it probably related to payroll increases.


Maintain All Employee Data in a Secured SunFish HR


Maintaining the files, data, and records of a lot of employees can be more efficient and secure with SunFish HR. This software is protected by Warm Disaster Recovery Center. SunFish HR has certified with ISO 9001:200 by Lloyds. The application security of SunFish HR is also based on OWASP standard. SunFish HR also has no high risk which means very secure to save files and data. Even, you can conveniently retrieve the data without hidden costs and lock period.


Unlike the traditional paper-based system, SunFish HR offers a greater way to store the files and data in a secured way. There will be no data loss or error in organizing the data. Besides, SunFish HR is also truly affordable to purchase. You can freely choose the required SunFish HR modules that your company needs by online. All the modules are truly easy to use, apply, and upgrade without high costs.



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