How to Choose a Suitable Job with Your Personality

How to Choose a Suitable Job with Your Personality

Looking for a job itself can be the most challenging thing in your life. But, looking for a job that suitable for your personality is a way more difficult. Lots of people have found a job, but some of them have a thought, “Is it a job that I’ve looked for? Am I really happy with my current work? Why don’t I feel happy with this job?” Some of them have tried to convince themselves over and over again to stick to their current situation. However, at some point, some might give up halfway due to inner conflict with themselves. Before ending up in the same situation, ensure to read these following tips to choose a suitable job for your personality.

Figuring out what you want or don’t want

There are various reasons why people want to work on the certain job. Some may want to apply because the job gives them a good salary and high status. Some others may apply to meet their family’s expectation. Some people apply because it is the only job that available at that time. And there are still many others reasons.

However, you might often hear that the best job is a job that you are feeling happy spending your daily life for it. A job that you are good at it. So, when you are good at something, you should use it as your career path. For example, if you are good and happy to teach someone, then a teacher is the best career for you. But, what’s going to happen for someone who good at several things? Moreover, they are also passionate about those several things?

Well, there are some questions to a path down your specific goals to help you choose the best career:

  1. What do you enjoy doing the most?

The first thing you need to figure out is the thing you are enjoying doing the most. Sometimes, what you are good or better doing it than others is the thing you love to spend time on it. You are feeling happy especially when the others admire or giving positive feedback for what you are good at. You also need to find whether you are working better with people or things. Or, do you prefer thinking or creating?

For example, you love a certain subject, for example, math. A difficult math question is something challenging for you, and you enjoy the feeling when you can clear every question. There are also some people who enjoy joining various volunteering field jobs because they prefer to work with people.

  1. What skills do you use to support the thing you enjoy doing?

Not only for yourself, but you also enjoy the feeling when the others can understand the math explanation from you. Here, you might discover that you also have a teaching skill to help others on this subject.

By figuring the answers to those questions, you will find it easier to determine your career path. If someone is doing what they enjoy the most, it can increase their productivity while doing their jobs.

Joining Several Activities

Helping to figure out what kind of activities or thing you enjoy doing it can be done by trying several activities. Some specific activities might be more interesting for you than the other activities. By narrowing down the activities into specific activity, you will know what kind of activity you enjoy the most.

For example, you enjoy joining various volunteering activities. But, do you okay with all kind of volunteering jobs? Here, you can join multiple volunteering jobs to compare which one is the most enjoyable for you. You can join volunteering job to help people in a disaster area. The other time, you also try to join an activity in the nursing home to look after the elders. Or, you can try to join open recruitment as the committee in the special event. There are unlimited volunteering jobs available for you.

If you are enjoying as a part of committees who hold an event, you should try to become an event organizer. Or, if you are happy when helping people during the disaster, you may decide to apply as a social worker.

Taking Personality Test

Sometimes, some people still have a hard time to find what type of personality they have or how to match their personality with their future career. To find the answer more easily, you should try to take the personality test. Don’t worry because some online websites are offering the free test for those who want to take the simple test.

For example, you can try the web versions of RIASEC’s personality test. On the resulting scale, you will find whether you are the social, artistic, enterprising, or realistic person. There is also MBTI that will help someone to find whether they are the introverted or extroverted person. Most of the personality tests don’t only tell you about your personality traits, but also what kind of jobs match with your possessed personality.

Meet Your Qualifications with Your Skills

Although you are good at something and knowing what type of personality you possessed, if you don’t have the certificate to prove your skills, most of hiring companies might don’t believe you or have a difficult time to determine what kind of jobs that will match you in the company. So, you need to prove your qualifications to fill your resume.

For example, if you are good at speaking English or other languages, you need to take a test for it. You must have TOEFL/IELTS certificate to prove your English skills or other language tests. Or, if you want to show that you are good at dealing with people, you need to have past experiences to explain it. For example, you have joined several volunteering jobs or similar.

Finding a right job isn’t the only way to earn good money, but some people try to find a job to fill their happiness in life. They want to share their skills and knowledge with others with their job. If you’re going to do the same, ensure to learn and think twice before applying for a job.

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