Easier Payroll Process with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing

Whether it is small, middle-size, or big company, payroll process is very crucial. However, it can be a stressing and inefficient work to handle manually. So, here is come an easy payroll system with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing to help any business ease their payroll processes.

What is Payroll System?

Payroll is one of important process of any business which requires the employers to pay an employee according to the work they have completed. So, a payroll should be established in any business with employees. Don’t ever think that payroll is a simple task. It requires so many aspects which might need an expert to do the job such as calculating taxes from each paycheck and paid accurate funds to the certain government agency. Incorrect filling of taxes or missed deadline can result in penalties or other legal risks.

Moreover, it is an essential part because not only involving confidential information, but also crucial figures that require high accuracy. So, doing this job might be time consuming and inefficient. Someone who handle the job might bear a heavy burden and end up give them stressing time, especially handling a big business payroll.

So, finding a way to minimize the workload and complexity of handling payroll processing and reporting is important. Here is the reason why every business needs payroll system. DataOn comes to provide every business with easy payroll system with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing to reduce difficulties and ramifications over payroll process. Not only take the payroll burden off their shoulder, the system also help to saving more time and money.

How the System Works

So, how DataOn’s SunFish Payroll Outsourcing works at the core? First, customer will send their employee data changes, salary changes, and other supporting data related to the payroll process. Then, DataOn’s payroll officer will run the payroll process on monthly basis. Payroll task is mainly focusing on uploading employee personal data (new hire, resignation, career change, and reports), attendance data (actual in out, leave, overtime, and report), and other data (loan, reimbursement, and reports), then processing the salary, allowance, and deductions.

Don’t worry, the customers can do several change in payroll process to review and verify the output until the data are finalized. The process also includes several reports to third parties including payroll component, payroll variance, regular payroll, bank transfer, income tax, and social security reports.

In short, payroll outsourcing process and steps, including:

  1. Career administration process, including new hire, movement, and resignation.
  2. Employee data submission, including account number, salary adjustment, allowance, loan, deduction, reimbursement, and severance.
  3. Technical validation, including file format, special character, and unmatched data.
  4. Process and review, including payroll process by DataOn then output verification by customer.
  5. Finalization, including bank transfer, tax report, journal, BPJS, and SPT.
  6. Support with queries and analysis, including tax, salary, and overtime calculation, also compliance and rules.



The Benefits by Using SunFish Payroll Outsourcing

By using an easy payroll system with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing, the business can experience several benefits, including:

  1. Saving time

By utilizing the payroll outsourcing services, the knowledge, and experience of experts, SunFish allow the organizations to cut wasting time unlike the traditional system. The organizations only need to release the key person’s time then verify the final calculations.

  1. Saving cost in HR processing

Not only saving time, but exercising payroll outsourcing services also saving cost. The organizations don’t need to hire additional employees to handle payroll anymore.

  1. Accountability

All DataOn services including software, HR, hosting, tax processing, and also payroll services focus on providing transparency and accountability. The services also emphasize the responsibility to resolve inquiries and handle questions.

  1. Integration with third party solutions

Payroll outsourcing system from DataOn ensures to reduce and eliminate the use of redundant data entries. The system provide interface to handle tax file reports, bank transfer reports, general ledger mapping, social security reports, journals, and other third party ERP solutions.

  1. Avoiding penalties

Tax laws, regulations, and policies are changing over time. Payroll outsourcing system has been handling the filling of tax payments on time and also up-to-date with the current changing. So, it is very benefitting for the organizations on avoiding any legal risks and penalties.

  1. Compliant with international standards

To provide the best for all customers, DataOn has achieved International Certifications for the ISO 9001:2008 Quality ManagementSystem in 2010 and the ISO 2701:2008 Information Security Management in 2015focusing on confidentiality,integrity, and availability. Maintaining the position, DataOn always undergoes annual audits to keep its certifications.

Additional Services

Beyond the core works, easy payroll system with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing also brings more benefits in some additional services, including:

  1. Third party services

The third party services, including:

  • Bank transfer file generation. The files will be generated to streamline with the payment process into bank accounts.
  • Interface to ERP system with payroll journal will be generated with well-structured classifications.
  • Employment Social Security Agency to register and report employment and pension to BPJS Ketenagakerjaan.
  • Healthcare Social Security Agency to take care the registration and reporting to BPJS Kesehatan.
  • Income tax to comprise of services related to employees’ registration to Directorate General of Taxation and also obligation of monthly tax reporting.
  1. Management services

DataOn system also assists several processes and reporting including keeping reimbursement and employee loan record, pay slip production, severance pay processing and reporting, also festive event allowance (THR) processing.

  1. Attendance services

Attendance services management and analysis including attendance process, attendance status analytical reporting, leave tracking and analysis, also overtime calculation for payroll.

  1. Automation of Human Resources Workflow

Not only payroll process, but DataOn system also offers HR approval workflows through SunFish HR Saas. It features ESS and MSS functions to facilitate employee and manager collaboration in any HR activities automatically. The process helps to minimize time and effort on tracking on transactions between employees, managers, supervisors, and HR department.

Technology has been a core driven in current trend of business works. All the processes become automatic and more in-depth analysis, including payroll process. By utilizing the technology of easy payroll system with SunFish Payroll Outsourcing, now business can enjoy more efficient and faster payroll process. So, no more time or money wasted in complicated and inefficient processing employees’ payment.

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