How to Know the Movement of Your Inventory with SunFish ERP

A company should have a system which will make work more efficient. One of the choicest systems for the company is ERP system. It is a system with high technology which will let group work more flexible in every sector of business. Typically, ERP system is facilitated with the flow of coordinates data and information so that company will work more efficient. Different from the old method of managing a business, ERP has the function in helping the company to grow more by giving the real-time information and visibility relates to production, report, and workflow.


SunFish ERP

There are some types of products by DataOn. If your company need ERP system, DataOn has SunFish ERP as the solution. By implementing this ERP system, you will know the movement of your inventory with SunFish ERP. Moreover, the SunFish ERP also will help you to get higher accuracy on workflow so that there will be the better decision. The benefits of SunFish ERP are combining some of the processes. The process which is included in SunFish ERP is the warehouse transfers, fixed asset management, inventory control, sales, purchasing, accounting, and also finance.

The Characteristics of SunFish ERP

To know the movement of your stock with SunFish ERP, you can also see from its features. The benefits of implementing SunFish ERP can be seen from its best aspects in helping your company’s business. First, SunFish ERP is flexible since it can be used for the multi-company with multi-locations that have multi-currency, multi-language, multi-exchange-rate management, and also multi-international implementations. Also, this ERP system from SunFish has dual-base currency support and web-based application which makes it more accessible anytime and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. In that situation, the information in ERP system can be accessed easily through any gadget.

Second, SunFish ERP also has best application security. The system will be installed with expires, password rules, and also device limitations among users. For better security access, the system will be built in the multiple layers of safety and encryption to make sure the proper access control. Also, it also has been constructed on the latest Cloud Technology and Intrusion Prevention System. Third, the SunFish ERP has more advanced analytic since it uses data marts. There will also be the automated visualized and workflow management in accessing the workflows and levels of access. It also has Deep ESS features for employees.

To know the movement of your inventory with SunFish ERP, there will be some features built in ERP system. First, there will be General Ledger that is the core of Financial Management in SunFish ERP system. The function of General Ledger is the controller who ensures the financial data integrity. It will work relates to the company’s expenses, revenue, assets, equity, liabilities, and many else. Second, there will be a Human Resource and Organization Structure that relates to management of employees. The Human Resource in SunFish ERP also allows the company to modify or arrange the organizational hierarchies in more efficient way. The HR has functioned as the backbone of managing the approval workflows, business process, managing application users, and also role-based privileges. Third, there will be Sales and Accounts Receivable which relates to the streamlined process. Also, the function of Sales and Accounts Receivable module is for controlling total activities and offering the opportunity for the improvement of customer service.


There will also be Fixed Assets which is the simplified cycle of asset life. It will work for the depreciation, transfer, and evaluation to disposal. There will be some supporting of company’s assets control, analysis, easy reconciliation, and also transparency. To know the movement of your inventory with SunFish ERP, there will also the Purchase and Accounts Payable module. It has the function to control the owed and due invoice transparent, to keep the investment cycle short, and also to allow the preferences change or buying patterns timely. There will also be Inventory module which has the correlation with the management system for goods, materials, and also the part dimension of accounting, inventory, sales, and procurement.

For the most important to know the movement of your inventory with SunFish ERP is from the Finances module which has the function to organize the track or record of spending to creditors, suppliers, and salaries. Also, the Finance will help the income organization from some investors, customers and even debtors. It will integrate with the Sales, Purchase, and also General Ledger. Related the analytic feature, SunFish ERP is also completed by the Analytics and Reports module. Since monitor and report are the complex data, in Analytic and Reports of SunFish ERP there will be a system alert to let the company have the larger number of graphics, reports, and drillable data. The other important part to know the movement of your inventory with SunFish ERP is the Workflow management. In this control, it will allow the company to have the more flexible configuration which based on the if-conditions, instruction sequences, rules, groups, and also modules.

The implementation of SunFish ERP as your company’s ERP will let you build the complicated system into the simplest one. To pursue more opportunities and grow so that your business needs the integrated Internet Technology solution as the system that will give more benefit in arranging the business management. By using the SunFish ERP, it allows your company to be easier in managing the assets, inventories, sales, purchases, financials, and also the customer services in every single of the platform. The reports of the flow will be delivered accurately as the operational and financial data.

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