Measure Employee Performance

Standard and measure employee performance/productivity in work becomes very important and vital when the age of technology increase significantly. The action of an employee for a public company or private institution is a thing that cannot be considered as the simple thing. Various specific criteria in the selection of employees are needed to reach the standard of the requirement. Not only physical standards but intelligence and how the employee’s responsiveness in work belongs to the important aspect.

The measure exists because of the goal of the company or agency to build a good image as a successful company or organization. There are many differences in measure or standards of a company because of disagreements incorporate goals and differences in achievement of job targets. Employees are required to become employees by these criteria to guarantee a company running as expected and achieves a lot of benefits. In that measure, there are a lot of things that become components in work.

These components are essential things that can support a company. Not only as a supporter, but it can be a helper or solution of an employee in carrying out his work. Usually, these components have been determined also by companies itself, can even be added to the manager or HR staff to adjust the condition of business situation. In many of company, they offer the award for the good employee but the bad one, there is also punishment.

  • The reward is a gift awarded by a corporation to employees who are considered as a person who successfully achieves the target in work. It can motivate employees to be more active in working and reaching the goal. Target itself is no longer a burden because of the rewards. The award is significant, because if there is no reward for a job, then the employee does not make his work a reference in the achievement of the high targets. So the possibility, if there is no reward, is the goal of a company is not achieved. Another big impact is the company can’t reach the benefits. Therefore reward is the most important thing in a company. Next is punishment.
  • Punishment is the usually unpleasant action that given to an employee who cannot fulfill the target at work. The punishment is usually has been existing in the initial agreement in a job. If the employee breaks the rule or does not fulfill the target in the contract, the company can give the punishment to their employee. Punishment itself is urgent in a company after reward. Punishment is so needed because if there is no punishment in work, most an employee can ignore the target of a business or agency. Another problem is if there is no penalty, an employee can easily do whatever they want. Whereas perhaps a company or organization has a high purpose in improving the company’s performance or even want to compete with companies or other organizations.

In working, there are some aspects that become the core and indicators of workers in doing their job. You can use these indicators to check the level of productivity.

  • Assessment is a method how to determine the attitude of an employee. In this stage, the company can assess whether the worker’s behavior is appropriate yet with company criteria. The assessment checklist is also an attitude report that can be used as a consideration for award giving.
  • The scale is a method used as a level of behavioral assessment which is a major factor in work. Like responsibility, teamwork, and skill. This factor is a supporting factor in running a good company.
  • Sort out: is the placement or classification of employees. Sort out is determined based on the performance and ability of these employees. This classification is a differentiator where employees are qualified, poor quality and not quality. Sort out is done after all employees are evaluated.
  • The ranking is the process of determining or benchmarking the performance of each employee to rank and see is the best worker. This ranking is an effort of a company or agency for the employee’s performance looks good. Classification can also be used to determine who are employees that get rewards or the employees who get punished.


Measure employee performance/productivity above is an aspect that can help a company or institution to run the company well to understand how the employee’s performance. It is useful not only for businesses or agencies but also for the employees. Therefore measure performance very helpful for a job. This article also provides the benefits of the measure employee performance/ productivity.

The benefits for the employee:

  • Providing motivation for employees, with the method of assessment workers, they can be motivated in working to be more disciplined and active in participating.
  • As a measure of the worker’s self to improve their performance on the next job. The purpose is in order not to decrease performance in work.
  • Knowing the weaknesses and advantages of self as an employee. It is helpful for employees to know the benefits and disadvantages that he has to be motivated to better and reduce the weakness he had in a job.
  • As a tool for solving work problems. Work issues gained during working can finally be resolved and got the solution because it already knows the problems that exist in the job.
  • As tools to establish communication with superiors. Namely having better communication with the boss, it can help the employee able to communicate well in order to run a job. The situation can be seen too dark because of the lack of communication.

Benefits for companies or agencies:

  • Improve the quality of businesses or agencies. Companies can improve their quality with existing benchmarks so that worker performance can be monitored effectively.
  • Measure employee performance/ productivity also improve the performance of each employee to be better
  • As communication media between two sides, employee and the company in make more benefits.
  • As a tool to know the type of training required by its employees.

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