New Year Resolution: Should I Find A New Job?

New Year always becomes a great event that awaited by some people. This phenomenon often brings new hope, new opportunity, and new resolution. People put so many lists sometimes for their further decisions, including a new job. However, do we exactly need a new position for the New Year? As you think to find a new job, there are several reasons that you need to think carefully!

Things to Consider Before Moving to Start New Career

  1. Before searching for a new job, make sure to ask yourself why you need moving out from your current position. If you find yourself bored with the duties and surroundings, we guess you that you really need a new job. Meanwhile, if you find no improvement or you need new challenges, maybe finding a new job could be a great decision!
  2. During New Year, there would be many people wishing to get the new career. In New Year, there would be a lot of companies who need new employees. The high number of people looking for a job or wishing to get new career certainly would be a tough challenge for you. Therefore, if you really need to find a new job, you better make yourself sure preparing for it.
  3. When it comes to getting a new job, you surely need to know what kind of company that you are going to choose for your new career. Therefore, make some lists for the organizations, including the divisions and positions that you are going to pick. After that, take time to prepare yourself for searching for the companies’ information, learning for the test or interview, and others.
  4. Most people are sometimes getting a new job to get the better fee. In New Year, most companies sometimes set their new budgets, including putting cash aside for their future hires. However, there also several companies which minimize their budgets. So, make sure you pick the right company!
  5. New Year often makes people set their new standards and goals. For achieving it, they often improve their skill, spirit, perspective, and other better things. This sometimes leaves you being unconfident and hopeless. However, if you are 100% sure wanting a new job, you better not make this one as a weakness. Go improving your potential to be better than others. If you find yourself get an opportunity, just seize it!

 Tips Finding a New Better Job in New Year

If you already 100% sure to find a new career, we’ve put some tips to get started your new resolution. Check this out!

  1. Improve Your CV and Resumes

When it comes to applying job vacancy, you surely need CV or resume, or even both. Make sure your CV and resume are already revised with new things. Change your old ones with the new ones with a new concept. Make sure your resume explains your new experiences, career target, goals, background, skills, and awards in brief. For the CV, make it as attractive as possible. Go get a new picture. Put new skills, accomplishments, or personal activities such as degrees, courses, certificates, and training. Whatever you do on your CV and resume, just make it fresh and new as possible.

  1. Determine Your Passion for The Next Job

In order to get a new better job, you surely think carefully about your passion. What is your passion? What aspects you truly like the new job? If you get a job that matches with your passion, you surely will love it for a long time. Your workday will be alive rather than saturated. Find out the job based on your passion, and then you can get a win-win situation.

  1. Find it Online

Are you still trying to find a job from a newspaper? That is so old-school! Now, most companies prefer to put their job vacancies information online rather than on newspaper, pamphlet, or others. The one thing that you need to make is a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn will help you find a lot of jobs around you, even in other countries. Let’s say this app is a free CV for the job seekers. Besides LinkedIn, you can find other jobs from social media or platform.

  1. Find it from Your Army

Looking for a new job may be difficult sometimes, that is why you need some helps from your networks. Try to contact your old friends, old bosses, colleagues, and others to ask them whether their companies need new hires or not.

  1. Nail The Interview Section

Already applying for a job you like? Now, it is time to rock the interviews section! Whatever the job you apply or the experience you had, you surely will meet an interview process. Before the interview, make sure you master your CV and resume. Besides, do not forget to find more information about the company together with your position and division. Next, during the interview, make sure you are in well-dressed. Make your appearance as great as possible. As answering the interview questions, be confident, yet not too confident. Do the eye contact, but don’t be nervous. Put positive thinking that you can nail this process!

  1. Be Consistent

After getting a new job, make sure to be consistent with it. Sometimes, there would be times when you miss your previous jobs and its surroundings. Getting a new job means you need to get new adaptation with the boss, team works, workplaces, and others. It may be truly hard at first, but you need to deal with it. You need to be responsible for what you already chose. Do your job with passions, loves, spirits, and happiness, then you will get promotions as soon as possible.

So, those are several tips as you want to find a new career in New Year. Before making a decision, take time to think it twice whether you truly need to move out or not. Most people sometimes actually only need new spirits for their current job rather than new jobs. Others probably need new a perspective to gain new promotions. Searching for a new job may be the great decision or nightmare for your life. However, the decision is all yours.

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