Real Tips on Getting The Promotion Soon

People may say that in average, young people should’ve been promoted in a year. You don’t need to get pressured for this statement. Not every company or jobs has a policy on valuing their employee based on time. Nevertheless, you have to be aware in what kind of company and job you are in. Some big company doesn’t promote their employee soon, just because there are no new seats in the higher ups. You may have to wait someone in the higher position to go retired.

Step Up On Your Career And Impress Your Friend!

There are some jobs that don’t get you anywhere, just because the company needs people to be a ‘worker’, that is someone who only work rather than joining the thinking for the company’s future. But then there are jobs that are easy to be promoted, those are the jobs that value you based on how you excel in accomplishing any targets given. Usually those kinds of jobs need lots of employee to fulfil any company targets, such as the sales department. Knowing where you are actually define on how fast you’re going to go.

Every Company is Different

Every company has different ways on valuing their employees. Some only needs employee to just work in the field you specialized in. And some really appreciate your thinking progress, even just by any single initiative you do, you are awarded with bonuses. Not all company actually putting the reward system in their protocol, that is the reward and punishment, a system that will acknowledged your work ethic. Such as when you do well on your jobs, you get rewarded, while you do bad, you get discounted salary or punishment. It may seem unfair if your company didn’t have this system, as if seeing all employees are the same. Certain things about every company are, they love a hardworking employee. Any employee with such dedications for their company is always noticeable from the higher-ups. What are those dedications the boss’s like?



Here are a few tips to get promoted soon:

  1. Be frank on your job

Not every boss knows what to do to improving the company’s worth. That is when you step in line, of you have any ideas that can make the work place more efficient and effective, then don’t be shy to tell. The bosses love any developing critics, it helps them to keep their eyes open to possibilities. Be ready for a concrete plan and show them how your idea may improve the workplace better.


  1. Have symbiosis mutualism relationship.

By having a coaching relationship, either with your boss or with your workmate, you show the capabilities you have as a person. You are showing that you can be a good source of information and career guidance to. Anyway, try to not be the Mr. know-it-all, it may annoy some people, so be ready to council to your workmate your ideas too.


  1. Learn everyday

Everyone loves an updated person, they keep track on the latest trends, and talk the latest talk. For lots of people, this is not an easy thing to do. Just because some people refuses to move on from the past, the technology industry is more advanced faster than before, it is important to for improve your skill, in any ways. Find the newest online tutorial in that skill you’re good at, find a course that you’re interested in. Or find and tricks and tips to get promoted soon, in your workplace. It could be learning a new language, or you can be finessing your old skill to be more advanced. You can even go to your manager to ask if the company offers some support to their employee for career advancement through seminar or workshops. By being brave to ask your manager, it shows initiative, integrity, and most of all, it shows your availability to any challenge your company may give. You give the images of someone that wants to develop. It is an admirable trait that will help you to get into next step faster.


  1. Befriend the right people

When you want to go forward in the job, it needs more than just doing your jobs and fulfilling any targets. A soft skill such as any social skill gets counted too. Be careful on who you’re friend with in the office. To be the in the front line, you have to be in the middle of the powerful people by being the reliable person that you are and most of all likeable. People loves having someone that are easy to talk to, nice personality will very much affect if you want that promotion. If you want to give a good impression with your boss or your workmate, try to get away from people that may endanger your good images. In any company, we may know each other easily. It is like a mini world. There even a saying, don’t pee on the place you eat, which roughly says, don’t do bad in the place where you get your money from.


  1. Make sure to work more on finishing any projects.

Projects are a way to see your work ethics clearly. If you can finish the work before the deadline, or working more on some task it will surely boost you up in the eye of the bosses. You can even help your workmate job, after all we are all in the same company, you may want to develop together rather than being an individualist. But remember to finish yours first, keep remembering your priorities, by knowing which is which, you are known to be good at managing.

Don’t be sad if you’re not getting the promotions you wanted. If you are still working, it means they need you for something. Just do your best, and focus enough on your current Job. Maybe you can peek at some different options on the neighbour company. But then no company will appreciate a jumping flea, an employee with no dedication.

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