Recipe to Answer Why Work Here in Job Interviews

One of the most frequently asked questions during interview might be about the reason why you want to work with the applied company. Although it might be a simple question, but unexpectedly, most of job applicants end up on giving the wrong expected answer. So, to avoid the same mistake, here is the recipe to help you on how to answer “why do you want to work here” on an interview appropriately. Check out the detail below.

Learn about “Why the Company Want to Know the Reason?”

Actually, the question itself can be reflected into 2 angles, including the reasons why you are interested in the company or the reasons why are you interested in the job. To get to learn about how to answer “why do you want to work here” on an interview appropriately, we will discuss the answer based on each angle.

  1. The Reasons Why You are Interested in the Company

The hiring manager is looking for a new worker who can fit and enjoy working at the company. So, a good answer of this question helps to demonstrate your knowledge about the company and industry. Means, you show an effort to be fitted working at the company. Here, it’s your homework to identify and specify what kind of reasons for you wanting to work for the company.

The answer can include one or several reasons, such as company general reputation, positioning in market, success or growth, management philosophy, values, awards, and so on. Or, some others might be interested due to their admiration of key leaders’ reputation, products or services, initiatives in the marketing, and many others. However, you shouldn’t answer for a narrow reason such as because the company is close to your house or something similar. For sure, it’s not going to work.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Although it looks like a simple question, but lots of applicants don’t even realize they give the inappropriate answer. Here are the common mistakes you should avoid, including:

  • Giving a too-general answer. For example, “I’d love to work here because it’s a great company.” Think about this mistake. Is it can be applied to any company, isn’t it?
  • A vague or uninformed answer that shows your lack of information about the company. It might be the worst thing you can show during the interview. This mistake demonstrates that you haven’t done any research about what the company does and still expect that the hiring manager will fill you in.
  • A too-unenthusiastic answer. For example, “I heard the company open a position for X, so here I am.” It makes the interviewer is wondering whether you really want to get the position or not. So, you should show that you are excited about the idea to be able working with the company.


Sample Answers

For the question, “why you are interested in the company”, there are 2 sample answers with a specific situation, including:

First, a candidate answered, “Well, the X (the company name) reputation is definitely a factor. X is well-known for having a long history of leadership in the industry that makes me proud to work with X. Also, a good friend of mine has been working with the company marketing at X for the last 5 years. She told me that the working culture support learning and development on the job. Basically, X is known for highly rewarding its worker’s hard work.”

Why is it a good answer? Well, it might be a common answer for many candidates due to company reputation. However, it’s not going enough for the interviewer to differentiate you from other candidate although you get a “wow” resume. But, apart the answer about the brand and history of the company addressed, the candidate was able to demonstrate his effort to do some additional research through his network. This way helps to emphasize his interest to work hard and keep developing on the job.

Second, another candidate answered, “Recently, I read an article in Business Week about CEO A (the CEO’s name) and the company’s new innovation on transportation technology. I consider myself as an innovator that supports me to love working for a company that’s going to be a leader in the future of the industry.

Why is it a good answer? It can be considered a smart answer because the candidate demonstrates his update research about the company in recent press. Specifically, the candidate also emphasizes the CEO’s achievement that helps to make her sound prepared, interested, and smart. Sometimes, a little flattery can be an effective answer. You just need to be more careful for not crossing the line. Moreover, he also quotes a shared value from the article and himself to appeal why he can be the best candidate.

  1. The Reasons Why You are Interested in the Job

Here, you should able to show why you are a perfect fit for the position at the company. First, what you have to do is asking yourself. What makes the job is appealing for you? Why do you respond to the job description?

The hiring manager wants to find a candidate that going to be good at the job and enjoy what they do, so you need to clearly communicate your interest and ability. Particularly, they will be more interested when you can show your experience can help to excel you in the position.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

Actually, the common mistake in this kind of question is similar with the previous question.

  • Giving a too-general answer that applies to any position. Don’t give an impression that you are interested only because the job is available. You should show why the position is made for you.
  • A vague or uninformed answer that demonstrate you lack of information about the job. Here what you can do is take some time to research.
  • An unenthusiastic answer or details why you are into the job. Don’t let the interviewer is doubting whether you really want the job or not.

Sample Answers

There are 2 sample answers with specific situation to answer the question “why you are interested in the job”, including:

First, a candidate answered, “I think that my experience on marketing teams support me to be an excellent fit for the job. The job role also excites me because I love the idea to help promoting the company products in an innovative way. I know I can show the best result from the first day of work.”

Why is it a good answer? It shows what the candidate likes about the job. He emphasizes his experience and the role that excites him to makes him a great fir for the job. It’s good to show some enthusiasm, especially his promise to deliver results as soon as possible.

Second, “I always respect your company’s innovation product and I love to get an opportunity to join with the best in the industry. My friends also told me that the company always create a better environment for the employees and highly rewardfor innovation. I think my innovative and proactive style can be the best fit for this particular role in the company.”

Why is it a good answer? The candidate not only compliments the company, the product, the employees, ad its working environment. He also emphasizes how he can be the best fit for the company. By adding the reason how you can benefitting the company, it can be another plus point.

If you follow the suggestion above, answering how to answer “why do you want to work here” on an interview is only a simple matter, isn’t it?

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