How to Recruit the Best Talent

Companies certainly do not want just to hire people regardless of background and expertise owned. Especially when the characters are owned also does not support the potential of his career developing. As we know, there are bright people who are too arrogant with his ability, so he does not want to learn anymore.

Recruitment or employee recruitment is sometimes too difficult for a company to do because the enterprise does not have a hiring way that helps the company in finding the best talents and skills for their business. But still, there are several ways you can participate in recruit the best talent. One of them is by building a great team. This method is one of the top priority lists of almost all companies in the world.

Today’s talented professionals have their choices for the companies that are the focus of attention. Getting a skilled person to enter your organization is a challenge that must be faced in innovative ways. For more details, the following recruitment process is applied by the company. It’s just talent management that moves and finds superior seeds. The processes among others are


  1. Selects the CV and application letter

If you have posted the job vacancy, of course, many application letters and CV that comes in. This process must be legal so that not just any prospective employee who will be recruited later. At this early stage, CV and other important letters are attached by applicants.

From the letter, the resource management can sort out which standards are appropriate and which are not. CV contains work experience so far in other companies or during their life. Then, there is also a diploma that describes how much knowledge the applicant has.

In order not to waste a lot of time, it’s better to just call people with appropriate educational backgrounds and experiences that you call. For example, to fill the position of public relations, many people apply from various educational backgrounds. It is better if you call the appropriate education and academic qualifications, for example, communication science.


  1. Do some tests to recruit the best talent
  • Skills Tests are tests designed to determine how well a person can do something. In the test, the skills can be distinguished the following test groups: intellectual, spatial and mechanical proficiency tests, perceptual accuracy, motion/motor ability.
  • Objective personality tests are measures of personality traits that have a structured form. There is no wrong or correct answer, the individual himself sets out which solution fits him best. In other words, the person describes his personality according to the dimensions measured by the test. Objective personality tests can be differentiated into personality tests and vocational interest tests.
  • Projective proficiency tests are measures of unstructured personality traits. Individuals must give their answers to ambiguous stimuli. These answers will show more fully the dynamics of his personality. Although projective tests are widely used in selection, including selection for managers, their usefulness for that purpose is not found to be convincing, and the validity of the forecast is little.
  • Situational tests intelligently measure the typical behavior that is rarely influenced by environmental variables. There are two forms of situational tests, namely work sample tests and simulation tests or management games. In the sample work, the tasks that must be performed in work (more manually, such as a car mechanic) are taken from the core activities as samples which are then subjected to the test. In simulation or games tests, the main tasks of a manager, such as solving problems and making decisions, presenting the work, interviewing problem employees, and discussing problems with colleagues, are the part of testing. This simulation test is a test that is felt close to reality. These kinds of tests are widely used in the Assessment Center (a way to identify and assess managers within a company)
  • Information on biographies, questions from this biographical questionnaire are issues about the physical characteristics of his school, work and personal background. The elements of a person’s past behavior, such as school-time activities, past successes, and failures, are made up of individual items for comparison with behavioral job groups. Thus the list of biographical questions can be scored and used as predictors.
  • Interviews, interviews are one of the selection techniques, data about self-employed candidates are collected through questions posed orally. As the data gathered through biographies, the data collected through interviews for labor selection is based on the assumption that past behavior can be used as a guide for predicting future behavior. For example, a man who shows initiative in his job before applying for his current job is expected to demonstrate the initiative also on his future work if he is accepted. Hence, much data is collected about candidate behavior during his / her education, prior occupational experiences, and situations.
  1. Training and selection program for recruitment team

Various training and selection programs were undertaken to coordinate recruitment. Talent management certainly involves all employees to synergize the company. New employees are expected to follow the rhythm of senior employees in the company and shoulder to shoulder to shoulder. Not only that, it is expected that new employees fully understand the strategy and vision of the organization’s mission in the future. Not just the surface, as seen by the general public. Below are some alternative methods that can be used to recruit the best talent.

1.Through social media

In today’s digital era, almost everyone has a social media account. The good news is that companies can speed up recruitment time in this way. Social media can be used as a primary medium to promote the best or even as a medium to find the best talents for your company.

2.Use Applicant Tracking System Software

Applicant Tracking System Software or Applicant Tracking System is application software where the corporation can control all recruitment activities digitally. And now, there are a lot of ATS switching with cloud-based, this makes it easier for you to access anytime and anywhere you want as long as you have a stable internet connection around you.




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