Sales and Accounts Receivable Module as The Convenience Tracking Sales with ERP System

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is the integrated technology and business management. There are Information Technology, Business Management Practice, and also Purpose of Certain Business. In some companies, the integrated organization is the complicated one. However, ERP system comes as the solution to organize it all well. At first, the only user of ERP system are the industrial companies. Times by times, it is radically developed and used for many kinds of companies. In that situation, the company will have convenience tracking sales with ERP system.

ERP is the convenience one since all the things in your business about data and reports will be wrapped into one. The major function of ERP system is to integrate the process and information of all functional division from the certain organization which becomes one. Then, it will be easier to be accessed since the workflow will be more structured. The integration of this system is usually built in the single database respiratory which connects to some software. This connection will be divided into some division in the certain organization with some information and business statistic.




SunFish ERP

There might be so many choices for the ERP system. You can trust on SunFish ERP as one of DataOn’s product. DataOn has been known as its online program which made it as the pioneer of this system. As the convenience tracking sales with ERP system, SunFish ERP has more benefits. First, the SunFish ERP is working more flexible. This ERP system is greatly proper to the multi-currency exchange rate management, multi-company and locations, multi-language and international implementation. Second, the SunFish ERP has the intelligent features and process since it has data marts for the advanced analytic. There will also be the visualized management of access workflows which is automated and access levels. For the great implementation, it has more daily tracking and analysis of data which can be checked through dashboard summaries and applications. Then, the ERP system has the security infrastructure. It has been built on the newest Cloud Technology and compliance to the OWASP standards. There are expires, password rules, and also device limitations among the others in the certain company. Also, there will be the Intrusion Prevention System and the multiple layers of security and encryption to ensure the proper access control.


The Sales Features in SunFish ERP

Actually, there are nine elements in SunFish ERP. As the most convenience tracking sales with ERP system, it has the sales product. It has the function in offering control over company’s sales which correlates to the offering opportunities and the some relates activities to the improvement of customer service. There will be a complicated process of Billings, orders, and maintaining goods relate to the customers from the sales. To make it more efficient, you can take Sales product in ERP system which will manage the client’s database, contract negotiations, order entry and fulfillment, quotations, receivable tracking, and also invoicing. Also, your company also remain able to be more flexible at the same time to handle the change of pricings, promotions, discounts, and requests. Also, it will be more flexible in reacting to the inventory adjustments and sales returns.

In SunFish ERP product, there is the Sales and Accounts Receivable module which has the function in supporting the various payment methods and the versatile pricing conditions. As the best organization, the payment and pricing terms can be attached to the particular promotion, volume, category, reseller, items, products, customer, and many else. In knowing the convenience tracking sales with ERP system, the Sales and Accounts Receivable module has the method which is included the deposits in prepaid orders, invoice entry, and sales order. Also, it will include the bank transfer, credit card, and also check. It will be easier to track the sales with this sales feature since there will be shown the sales flow of your company briefly. Then, you can take some evaluation after the result.

In the Sales feature of SunFish ERP, it will also include the control and management of service process and return the one item from the customer or even from the complete order of partial delivery. From this module tracks, it will be counted the credit notes and the quantity return for deducting to the Accounts Receivable amount. To resolve some complaints or even some of services issues, you can take the access to the supporting documents, customer data, and the product orders. If your company can apply it consistently, the ERP will overcome the cross-department barriers which can help the employees to do work more efficiently.

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