The Signs of Loyal Employees

Be a leader in the certain institution might be the complicated one. There are some things that must be concerned to reach up to the success of goals. At this point, it is not the only leader that must be worked well. Some employees also take a role in succeeding the goals of a company. What is in every company need is the loyal employee. The loyalty is not only shown on how certain employee can help the company, but some things must be known for loyal employees. Actually, there are some signs of quality of loyal employees. So, you will not wrongly judge your employees.


There are some signs of quality of loyal employees. From these signs, you can find whether your employees are loyal or not. Here are some signs that your employees are loyal:

  1. Treat You as Person

Treat you as the person means that your employees see you as who has dreams, hopes, and fears. Some people might think that you are their leader, so you are a just leader. It means that you are the boss. This situation will not help you as teamwork. If your employees have the flip relation of employee and employer, so your employees are loyal ones. If employees treat you like the person so that they will help you to reach professional and goals together. Moreover, the loyal employees concern on what is best for their employer.

  1. Never Criticize You In Front Of Others

The second sign of the quality of loyal employees is they will never criticize their employer in front of other employees. Sometimes, we can quickly find that there are some employees who chip or mocking their employer each other. It means that employees are not the loyal ones. In contrast, if your staff does not snip or gossip about you, you can believe them as the faithful people. Maybe you will find the employee that criticize you directly, face to face. It does not mean that s/he does not respect you, but it means that your employee is loyal to you. This kind of employee will tell your mistake so that you will not repeat your mistake again.

  1. Say What You Least Want to Hear

The bigger gap between your employees and employer, the greater possibility that your employees will agree with any kinds of your decision. It will be the worst one since you will never know whether your decision is good or not. The loyal employee is one who knows what least want to hear and what most want to hear. This employee will freely give you an opinion about your decision, so it will make you easier on giving such decision. Moreover, it will be the best one which is the best choice for your company. It will not work if your employee is not loyal one since s/he will just follow on what is on your mind without giving any possibility that will come with your decision.

  1. Support You the Most

It will look different if you are in meeting with another team. The loyal employees will help you no matter what. The loyal one will do everything that will make you see as the right one. Although there will be some different opinion, your loyal employee will never judge you wrong directions. If there is a different view, they still support you without showing that you are mistaken with your decision.

  1. Praise Others

When you find that your employees are support and praise other peers, it means that they are so loyal. They will appreciate others who are truly do something right or reach the goals of a company well. It means that they are the concern of other employees and can build more bond each other. Moreover, the loyal employee is caring which lead her/him to be the loyal one. In that situation, the loyal employee will not only concern on her/himself but also for all staff in the company. With the greater caring, the loyal employee knows that other will be motivated well when they are respected. You have to hold this true one since the loyal employee will bring some positive vibes in the workplace. It correlates on how your company or team can reach the goals.

  1. Tell You When They Need to Leave

It will commonly happen if your employee needs to leave the company. With so many reasons such as for his/her best future, for the most challenging life, or s/he need to leave for family, or anything else. In that situation, your loyal employee will ask you first before s/he want to leave. However, it will be based on your decision whether you will accept it or not. It is better to listen and respect their decision as possible. Why they have to ask you before they need to leave is because they are too loyal to you. This kind of employee will know that their departure will make a hole in your company. So, they give you some plenty time for you to prepare the change of position of them. It also means that your employee is trusted to you. They do not only think for themselves, but they also think about a company and you.


After you find the signs of quality of loyal employees, you can see whether your employees are loyal or not. From this point, you have also knowing the correlation between the loyal employees and the profit of a company. When there are the loyal employees in a particular company, so there will be a bigger chance for your business to get more profit. With the loyal employees, the management and the performance will be increasing well to get better goals. Moreover, it will be easier to build some bond in your team or company with the loyal employee. If the relationship of each employee works well, so the management and the performance will be performed well too. If the employees are loyal, so they will hope that company will loyal to them too.

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