How to Start Your Career from Zero to Hero

Getting a new job is surely great news for people, especially for the ones who already wait too long to own it. At first, workday probably can be an exciting thing, yet it also can be a nightmare. A job can be a nightmare for the beginners. Starting a career from the bottom is never that easy. You surely need word hark with great vision, passion, and love to achieve promotion. Even it looks difficult at first, starting your job from zero has some benefits.


Benefits of Starting Career from Bottom

Some of you probably think there is no happy thing starting a career from the bottom. Actually, for beginners, start your career from zero can be a really good thing in your life.

  1. It teaches many things

If you have no job experiences, the starting job at the bottom can be a great way. This situation can teach you a lot of things. You can learn and do new things at the workplace, even for the things you are not mastered enough. At first, it may be hard sometimes, but it makes you gain new experience and knowledge.

  1. You will be more appreciated

As starting job at the bottom, there would be a lot of challenge that you face. Maybe you will start with the staff in your workplace. The staff sometimes will do harder work, even for the work you are not capable of. However, as you are done your work, you will be more appreciate yourself and get a satisfied feeling.

  1. It improves your time management

As the new worker, you will face a lot of documents and other tasks. Sometimes all the jobs can be finished late at night. It is not surprising that new workers normally spend their day at workplace rather than at home. Even you will get so many tough workdays; all of those things will be a payoff at the end. Getting a lot of tasks is probably not what you’re dreaming of, but this can improve your time management. You will be more capable of doing a lot of jobs. You will know how to do the task properly. All of this surely will make you easy to move forward.


How to start a job from the beginning?

Whether you start your first job, move out for a new career, or start a new company, built something from the bottom is not an easy thing. There would be a lot of problems and challenges for us. That is why you need to understand well about your transition periods like its culture, environment, jobs, and others. If you want to start a new career, here what you need to do!

  1. Know Your Passion

Start a new job can be a tricky thing. That is why you need to make sure that you own a job that matches your passion. As you get a job that you do not like, don’t move out! Keep struggling with what you do. Put on your mind that you are the one who already chooses it, so it is your responsibility to do your best to it.

  1. Learn your path

The next thing you need to do as starting a new career is understanding your path. You need to make sure knowing what your goals in the company. Once you set the goals, it will make you easier to set the path to the top. You can start by finding information about the company’s organization, employee, and others. Besides, take some time joining other more professional employees to get new experiences.

  1. Study your job and position

Understand all details about your job and position can be really helpful. You probably have a small job right now, but do not make yourself hopeless. Whatever your position now, your company really needs you. That is why you need to be capable seeing the bigger picture instead of seeing yourself as a small worker. You should learn your job and do it well with your passion; even you really not enjoy it.

  1. Make Good Relationships

Relationships at workplace sometimes influence your career. If you want to improve your career, you need to create good relationships with everyone in the company. Everyone with no exception, even with the security or cleaning services staff. Greeting other people you meet with a smile or simple “good morning” sometimes can really help you. Remember that you need to treat others in the company with friendly attitude and respect. Besides, compliment other employee or appreciate their help also can be the great thing.

  1. Focus on your goals

As starting a new career, you need to focus on your goals at work. Doing more task or taking extra job may be hard for you, yet it can make your position becomes more useful and important in the company. As a result, your boss will appreciate your job, and then your position will get shining.

  1. Get more training

As a fresh worker, there will be several tasks that need a lot of effort to finish it all. Need more time to finish your job does not mean you are useless or stupid. It probably means you need to improve your skills. In order to gain your skills, you need to take job training. You contact the HRD for the training program. However, if your company does not have it, then you need to take a course alone.

  1. Apply for job promotion

Job promotion is normally awarded to the good and hard-worker employees. If you already work for a long time and still no get a promotion, try to apply it to your boss. You cannot only wait for your boss giving you a promotion. You need to grab it alone sometimes. Don’t worry you will not get the promotion. If you 100% sure you do all the jobs well and you already do your best for the company, you truly deserve a job promotion and better job. Mostly, having 1 or 2 years experience is enough to built skills and ready for the next level.


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