Successful Interview Tips For Fresh Graduate

Recently, getting a job becomes one of the difficult things. Besides the limited job vacancy, the number of people who apply for a job is getting larger and larger. For some people who already had many job experiences and skills, looking for a job certainly can be easier. How about the fresh graduates? Most fresh graduates normally have not got any job experiences, and this could be more difficult in applying the job. However, applying the job is actually not that difficult, even for the fresh graduate. There are a lot of companies that offer job vacancies for the fresh graduate.

As applying for a job, besides the requirements and qualifications, the interview part becomes one important thing as well. Some job-seekers probably meet the requirements; however, as they enter the interviewing section, they fail to get the job. For that reason, understanding what you need for interview section is truly important. Especially for the fresh graduates who never get any job interview and experiences. So, here are successful interview tips for fresh graduate for helping you getting the job!

How to pass the job interview for fresh graduate and job-seekers

  1. Do some research of the company, employer, hiring manager, and the job

The first successful interview tips for fresh graduate is conducting some research of your job. To get a satisfied job interview, you need to improve your knowledge of your future company and job. Do several researches and try to understand about the company’s background, the interviewer, the employer, the job requirements and qualification, and so forth. The more you understand those things, the easier you will to answer the questions.

  1. Dress well

The way you dress also becomes significant thing as doing job interview. Knowing about the culture and organization of the company can help you deciding what clothes you really need to wear. If your job requires you to dress well and formal, you can wear suit, shirt, blazer, and others. Make sure to dress as professional as you can. Avoid wearing too much jewelries and accessories. Wearing a wristwatch and nice perfume may help your look. Lastly, never try to smoke right before the interview.

  1. Be on time and relax

Job interview leads to your first impression. Therefore, make sure to be on time or try to arrive around 15 minutes before the interview begins. Arriving your interview place a bit earlier can help you prepare yourself, the paperwork, and others. This also can help you observe the workplace, the employee, and others.

  1. Be smart in selling yourself

As you start the interview, there will be time where you need to sell yourself in order to make the company hire you. In this section, remember to not overselling yourself. Being positive, enthusiastic, and confidence during the interview surely becomes a good thing. However, a company normally needs candidate with good skills and job experiences. Thus, as you answering questions or saying something during the interview, it will be so much better if you add it with proof.

  1. Know your potential

Every candidate surely has their own potential. If you already have some experiences, this can be your additional value. However, if you have no any job experience, you can say that you are a fast learner to make sure the interviewer.

  1. Focus on your resume

As applying a job, the applicants commonly need to send their CV and resume. Later on, the resume here becomes one thing that will be discussed during the job interview. That is why you really need to understand your resume very well. Try to develop your resume which relates to your job. The more you understand it, the easier will be you can adapt with the interview questions.

  1. Create nice first impressions

First impressions are something that your truly need during the job interview. To get a good first impression, you need be polite to everyone you meet at the offices. You can start it with warm greetings to security, receptionist, employers, and the hiring manager. As the interview section begins, remember to always be polite and friendly and avoid the arrogant personalities. Do not forget to smile, hand-shaking, and make eye contact to the interviewer. Remember that your attitude can make or break the interview section.

  1. Prepare the answer of common interview questions

Another successful interview tips for fresh graduate which is truly important is preparing the answer for interview questions. Before the interview begins, you can ask the interviewer or hiring manager about the interview type, whether it will be individually or in group. Then, do some research about what questions that mostly asked during the interview. After knowing the common questions, prepare and practice about your answer. Commonly, the interviewer will ask several questions as follows:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • What would you contribute as the fresh graduate?
  • What’s your potential?
  • What’s your biggest weakness?
  • What should we hire you?
  • How long do you plan to stay for this job?
  1. Ask some questions

During the interview process, asking several questions to the interviewer can be your additional value. It shows that you are curious person and truly interested about the job and company. However, as asking some questions make sure the answers are not on the website. You can ask the major decision or strategic direction of this organization.

  1. Make a good ending

As the interview section finis, try to create good final statement that makes the interview sure that you are enthused and interested with the job. Do not forget to say thank you, smile, make eye contact, and do the hand-shake with the interviewer. If it possible, you can also say thanks via email because some interviewer or hire manager expects thank-you note from the applicant.

Those are several successful interview tips for fresh graduate and job-seekers. As a fresh graduate, make sure you preparing well for the interview process, especially if you have no any job experiences and skills before. Be careful always for every word you say and your attitude during the interview. A lot of practices will help you pass the interview.

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