Tips to Hiring Fresh Graduates to Join Your Business

Most businesses may prefer for professional workers who already get experiences, skills, and capabilities. However, hiring professional candidates is expensive because they are in the position able to ask for higher salaries and benefits from the company. This is the difference between professional and fresh graduates candidate. New college grads usually affordable hiring since they mostly don’t hesitate to do any job to gain more skills and experiences. Through training for fresh graduates, they can boost their talents. So, they can be a human capital investment for the businesses in the future. When they already get enough experiences from training period, they can be professional workers who give more knowledges and skills for company’s development.

The Reasons You Should Hire Fresh Graduates

  1. Training and nurturing hidden talents

Fresh graduates leave their college life mostly with less to no working experience. They are like ‘blank papers’ that yet have no principal view and perspectives about what workplace culture will be. Here is a chance for HR managers to train those fresh talents so they can meet organizational needs and objectives. So, HR manager is like a pen filling that blank paper with knowledges and skills. Through time, training for fresh graduates can help them optimizing their capabilities and produce home grown talents to be company’s professional workers in the future.

  1. Hiring talents at affordable cost

Since fresh graduates are much lower in experiences, they can’t ask for higher starting salary. For the employers, their lack of skills, experiences, and others can also be the reasons for offering lower salary. However, don’t offer an extremely low salary as it can impacting their performance and productivity. As they can grow their talents, they can be great talents with more affordable cost than professionals one.

  1. Strong will to learn

Fresh graduates are usually enthusiastic and unafraid to take new challenges. They are even willing to get their hands dirty as long as they can gain more experiences and skills. As continuous learners, fresh hiring will always try to adjust their new role to the working culture. This is what may professional hiring won’t do. Since they already get the experiences and skills, they won’t do lower job levels.

  1. Offering new, fresh, and innovative ideas

Fresh graduates don’t mean they are inexperience at all. They have already gained experience through student organizations or clubs, part-time jobs, volunteering works, or internships which they can learn about teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Here, they can produce fresh, unexpected, and innovative ideas that can give more values to the company. As getting training for fresh graduates, they can grow along the organization and develop their bright ideas into a real work.

There are still many other reasons why fresh graduates are worth to get the position in the company. For example, they are hard workers, more committed to their job, more comfortable with new technologies, and many more.

Tips before Hiring Fresh Graduates

In the first place, hiring manager should be selective on hiring new talents who really have potential skills and won’t be a bad influence for the businesses in the future. Here are some tips before hiring fresh graduates.

  1. Writing clear job description

A clear job description can help fresh graduates to understand the position’s requirement. Since they are still lack in professional occupation understanding, using simple language into several key components can help them to understand the message quickly and effectively. In this way, they can apply for the right position to their capabilities.

  1. Don’t fall for their resume only

Achievements listed in the resume don’t enough to describe fresh graduates’ capabilities to fit the job. Having various training experiences or winning lots of award during college life doesn’t mean fresh graduates can handle pressure at work or work in team.There are some other requirements that maybe will not able to find in the resume. For example, hiring managers can ask about their daily activities such as how they managing pressure as student and part-time job worker, how they doing their final thesis, and so on. In this way, hiring managers can learn how they will perform as employee in the future.

  1. Identifying their attitude

Fresh graduates mostly possess some qualities that some professional workers don’t, such as creativity, innovation, honesty, interpersonal skills, hardworking, and especially loyalty. HR managers should beware fresh hiring who don’t have patience and persistence. HR managers should early identify during training for fresh graduates period whose trainees showing tendency to be choosy about work. Most of this type of trainees may think that they can get other alternative jobs out there if the current training doesn’t work. Instead, HR managers should aware about passionate fresh hiring because they will do their daily job in excitement. Later, a long time passion can result in dedication and commitment.

  1. Preparing for succeeding fresh hiring to their roles

Although fresh graduates are full with passion and other positive qualities but without proper support from the company, they will be nothing.Here, HR managers should prepare orientation process for those newbie as they start working. With proper training and development program, fresh hiring can be valuable investment for long-term growth of the business. Moreover, the companies also need to focus on the long-term growth opportunities. Don’t hiring someone who eager to learn, but hiring newbie that will contribute to profit and growth of business is the main purpose.

  1. Taking reasonable risk

Although hiring fresh graduates is more cost-efficient than professional one, but at the other hand it also can be a risky option. The company needs to assess their business beforehand to determine whether hiring fresh graduates is a right decision or not. Fresh graduates can be beneficial for big companies, but it’s different for a start-up business. They will need experts instead, to run and grow the business which can’t be done by the newbie. So, the companies need to ensure that they have enough manpower and resources to train and optimize fresh hiring to be potential workers for their business.

Hiring fresh graduates isn’t a bad idea at all. Instead, they can be a hidden treasure who will offer benefit for the business in the future. Here, the companies only need to be more selective to offer a job for fresh grads and follow up with proper training to develop their potential.

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