Tips Making a Good Cover Letter and CV

A good cover letter and CV can enhance your marketability for a job offer. First, let’s try to wrap our heads around what cover letter is. It is a letter made as a complement to your resume. Sometimes, without a cover letter, a resume is ignored and it makes you wait even longer. In a cover letter, you must include additional information regarding skills and experiences. Moreover, inside the cover letter there should be your more detailed information about the reason why you think you are qualified to be hired by the company. That is just a little bit about cover letter. In this, you will learn tips making a good cover letter and CV, but then, what is the different between cover letter and CV?

Cover Letter vs. CV?

If a cover letter contains information about skills, experiences and other detailed information, then what makes it different from a curriculum vitae or CV? Here are some differences that you can spot on these two job proposals.

  • Cover Letter

Cover letter only requires you to have at least less than one page. The content of a cover letter is indeed, information about you, your work experiences, job profile, and career goal; however, they are all explained briefly. The last but not least, a cover letter is used a complement for your CV or Resume, so it doesn’t work alone. Instead, it works alongside curriculum vitae. So that is one of many tips making a good cover letter and CV, which is to know the purpose of cover letter in order to use it properly.

  • Curriculum Vitae

The first difference that is very noticeable is the length; CV has two pages of your information while cover letter is less than a page. Moreover, a CV contains detailed information of you and what you have done in the past years that you can sell out of yourself, for example education, work experience, relevant work-related skills, academic background, research experience, publications, awards, honors, and other more details of achievements.

Those are the differences between cover letter and curriculum vitae or commonly known as CV. Now, you have understood very well the differences. After learning about that, you also have to know some tips making a good cover letter and CV.

The Top Popular Tips to Make A Nicely Done Cover Letter and CV

Here are some tips making a good cover letter and CV that you should know to apply for jobs. The more you know about this; the higher your marketability value is.

  • A section of describing who you are!

“Who are you?” and “what do you have to be a hired employee?”, these kind of questions should be answered in this section. It is a part of your CV and cover letter where you describe about who you are and why do you think you will fit in perfectly with the company’s values and purposes, briefly yet convincing. However, don’t go overboard and describe too much of yourself. it is suggested that you insert relevant and standout facts about yourself which match you to the job you are applying for. That is the number one tips making a good cover letter and CV.

  • Experiences

How important it is to have experiences in college so that you can apply for your job after graduate? Well, the answer is only one; very important! Yes, work experience is a vital requirement for graduate applications, so to say. There are many graduates who graduate at the same time as you and are looking for jobs just like you. So, you have to have something or in this case, you have to have experienced some experiences that could elevate your market value. It is also important to have excellent academic credentials; however this second tips making a good cover letter and CV is suggesting you that those academic credentials should go along hand in hand with work experiences to apply for a better job.

  • Where to put cover letter and cv in an email

Okay, so you have understood that a cover letter completes your cv or resume, but where does exactly? When you are emailing your information to the recruiter, the CV is attached to your email with its complete content. Based on many researches, it is recommended that you write the cover letter in the body of the email. Attachment may take a while to download, while downloading the recruiter can read your cover letter. Moreover, it can also enhance your email, since email is the first impression that you will give a recruiter.

  • Targeted on the specific job

Imagine that you have an apple in your hand and you sell it to someone who is looking for buying an orange. He or she will never buy the apple, because it is simply not what she or he is looking for. This is another one of tips making a good cover letter and CV which is targeting it to the right job. However, how do you know that it is the right job for you? Well, look at your CV and see for yourself what skills and work experiences have you had in the past years. Then, think about what kind of job that would prefer to hire someone who has anything like you? it is very important to find the right job which is relevant to your skills and experiences, because it will add the possibility of you getting accepted. isn’t it simple?

  • Don’t underestimate grammar mistakes!

Avoid making errors and mistakes in your writing, because some companies see errors and mistakes in grammar as something bad. It may signify you as an uneducated person, or reckless due to the errors. Therefore, try to have a proof reader who examines your CV and Cover Letter to avoid any mistakes.

Those are the tips making a good cover letter and CV that you should know. These tips will help you create a better opportunity in applying for jobs, because your CV and cover letter are basically who the company sees as you. Don’t give up!

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