Traits of Effective Employee

Any size of business will hire anyone who meets their needs. The candidates can’t only depend on their knowledge or what they know about the particular matter they learned at school or college because information can always be taught. But the business world would hire those who have these traits of the effective employee. The expectation is, every employee would have already possessed these traits, so the need of manager is no longer required. The truth is, a workplace is a melting pot. While you may not be able to adequately staff your business with ideal employees, knowing what to look for in a competent employee can help your company moving forward.

The Traits of High-Quality Employee for an Ideal Workplace

  • A high-quality employee loves taking action rather than being stagnant. The risk is closely related to them because taking the risk means taking the chance to win. Even though it may also lead to a failure, risk taker is the kind of employee you should hire for his action-oriented trait will save the company.
  • An intelligent employee usually possessed creative thinking. This type of employee develops an agile mind and a sharp mind to face everyday workplace problems. Duties that are given to them will be done in time and without force because they arrive to work ready and willing to accomplish their tasks. However, they also aware of their limitations. Once they find a problem which they can’t solve, they will seek help immediately.
  • One of the other traits of a competent employee is his interpersonal skill, especially in term of effective communication. One may be surprised how amazing a relationship can be built between two people by having an effective communication. The basic purpose of communication is a two-way process; the employees must be able to actively listen and comprehend what someone is telling them and be able to voice their ideas in clear, concise and objective ways. Objectivity is necessary. Competent employees do not respond to problems or criticisms in overly emotional manners. Additionally, active employees communicate well in both oral and written communications.
  • Any size of business would love to hire anyone who displays a leadership personality. Leadership character is obtained through time and experiences. It can’t be acquired just in a flick of thumbs. More experiences you had in organizations or teamwork, your leadership personality will become stronger.
  • More traits of the effective employee are coming from his attitude. A negative attitude will not attract any business’ attention, but a positive attitude will change everything. When one has a positive attitude, he tends to have this capability of creating a good environment. Moreover, his positive attitude will also create a productive workday which may influence the other employees as well. A positive attitude can also be seen from his learning process when he makes a mistake. A good employee will learn from it and then move on to do better than the past. This attitude is fundamental in the workplace.
  • If you want to be hired, you also have to possess the skill of adaption. All this time, we know that adapting is sometimes hard to do. When we are required to adjust to a new environment, it must drain our energy to learn how these new strangers communicate with each other and other social aspects of a group. In a workplace which full of various people, an employee must adapt to be able to work together. If your applicants can demonstrate flexibility, you can be confident they’ll adapt easily to their new work environment.
  • Those who are aware of work ethic usually understand what to do best in a workplace. Work ethic consists of things we should do’s and don’ts in a workplace. The ethical matters include honesty, reliability, and integrity. Competent employees do not shirk responsibility and are people whom the management can count on. When faced with criticism or when asked an awkward question, effective employees are honest and direct. Competent employees are loyal. They work toward achieving results and strive to take on extra responsibility as their roles in the company grow.
  • If you want to be hired, you should present yourself in confident. You will be surprised how confidence can lift up the atmosphere of a workplace. A certain employee will encourage the other employees to be positive and dare enough to take the risk in everyday workplace challenges. Confidence also brings improvement, because when a company is confident in their products, they will achieve success.
  • Modesty is part of traits of productive employee that we are going to talk about. A modest employee loves to work hard and then prove to everyone that he is capable of making a significant result by showing it through action. Meanwhile, the not so modest employee who loves bragging, usually never get their job done in time. That is why many companies are looking for employees who are modest because they are humble and do not need to show off and brag about themselves in front of others and quietly outproduce those who do.
  • One of the last traits of an active employee is the detail-oriented skill. Those who love paying attention to the detail miss fewer mistakes than those who can’t focus on the detail. For some companies, details are everything. Meaning that their products should have no flaw, so they need employees who have keen eyes for details. It is very important to create great products which the company will take pride.

If you are a company who is looking for new employees, those traits of an effective employee should be used as the reference to guide you to find the perfect employee to match your company’s need. However if you are someone who is currently seeking for a new, promising job, these traits you should learn and understand to improve yourself to match the requirement as well as to develop your personality into the better. Ultimately, no matter what type of company it is, the effective employee share common traits which are the traits above.

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